Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Gruffydd James: New Member of the Hurley Extended Family

Delivery of one Gruffydd James
Congratulations to Huw and Caroline on the fantastic news that little Gruffydd James has been born into the world.

OK they didn't choose Gareth, despite my extensive and expensive lobbying campaign (I suppose I'll have to release Uncle Peter now, he made for an "interesting" hostage...) but hey, it starts with G and that's more than I usually get!

So a big congrats to the Vale of Glamorgan branch of the family --yes, they really are that posh AND they still talk to us! ;-) Perhaps we'll get another visit to St Joseph's RC Church, if we can make it. It really is a beautiful, beautiful building and had a famous parishioner in Dr John Saunders Lewis the founder-leader of Plaid Cymru who converted to Catholicism (hurrah!). I recently spoke to a retired cleric whom Saunders Lewis helped teach to speak Welsh and was, for many years, the parish priest of St Joseph's and had nothing but the nicest things to say and the fondest memories of his old Penarth parish.

So hooray and hurrah for Huw and Caroline, my favourite cousin -- I know I say that to each of them, but don't tell them that ;-) And of course little Gruffydd James who is either sleeping soundly, gurgling a smile or trying out his new lungs with gusto as I type. Let's hope that Saint James, Santiago so beloved of the Spanish over many centuries, looks after his little namesake.

Anyway I must rush, I have to start my next lobbying campaign for a baby Gareth. Perhaps I should consider a mild form of bribery?


  1. Well done Gareth....... I have sent message to Caroline hoping she will come on and see it.

  2. Caroline Semmens24 June 2011 at 18:30

    Hi Gareth,

    I don't have an email to contact you directly, but thanks so much for this, it's brilliant! A lovely surprise in the post today when we got your parcel! Great flag and duck! It can join it's bride and groom buddy! That was so thoughtful of you and we really appreciate it.

    Life is different but good so far. Lots of challenges and surprises and we're learning lots every day but it's enjoyable so far, might be a different story when huw goes back to work!

    Thanks again for our very own announcement and the presents, you're lovely!

    Caroline, Huw and Gruff xx


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