Thursday, 8 March 2018

International Women’s Day: a Hairy Experience

On this day (international Women’s Day), it’s important to remember what makes men and women different. 

Men think the quicker a haircut, the better experience it is. 

Women think the longer a haircut, the better experience it is. 

e.g.: ask both sexes* during a haircut would they like a coffee and the responses will sharply define the sex of the respondents. 

Most women: “oooh, yes please.”

Most men: (checks time) “no thanks.” (thinks “yuck, hair in me mug? No ta).

I rest my case. 

Above: an early gender-bender gives away his chromosomes by declining a cuppa, despite the hairnet & other ladylike attire. 

*other made-up “genders” aren’t included as they aren’t real. 

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