Sunday, 16 October 2016

Glyndwr, Churchill, St Francis: Judging Some Historical Figures by Their Pasts

Owain Glyndwr: an English Soldier
History is funny isn't it? If we judged everyone on their pasts, well here's a few:

St Augustine would be an arrogant lawyer who freed a murderer. 

St Francis would be a materialist party animal (probably a misogynist to boot). 

Owain Glyndwr would be an English soldier defending the crown and killing for his king. 

Winston Churchill would be a disgrace who ordered troops to fire on strikers and the mastermind of a battle that killed many and ended in total failure. 

And of course there's Mary Magdalene who - although never called an ex-prostitute in the Gospels - was said to have had a 'colourful' past.

I dare say there's many more...

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