Sunday, 22 May 2016

SNP to Make me King of Scotland?

Far be it from me to engage in pointless hyperbole, as I once told the Sultan of Brunei as we sipped cocktails on the poop deck of his Royal Yacht 'Loaded Innit,' but I am due to be crowned the King of Scotland. 

Yes it's true. You see Mrs H's family goes back to Robert the Bruce (see pic here) and the Stuart line. 

Oh BoJo may think he's a big knob (if stories in Private Eye are to be believed) with links to the Hapsburgs, but when it comes to royalty, right here right now, I have it on good authority (Patch the dog) that I am what the common people call "a shoe in" for the post. 

Now we all know the SNP rule north of the border, even though they didn't get the independence vote so many wanted, so here's my plan. 

I'm going to write a letter (I know, old school right? So very, Mary Queen of Scots) to the Scottish Parliament at Holyrood to stake my claim and await the popular acclamation and adulation that (modest though I am) is sure to follow, just as day follows night. 

Then, just like Bonnie Prince Charlie, the rightful Stuart King (deposed by a bunch of scheming German Protestants & English merchants) I will make the long march (only northwards this time!) to reclaim my crown. Culloden will be avenged. 

And there we are. The rest should run quite smoothly. King Gareth I of Scotland.  I like it. It flows as smoothly as a fine old Glenmoranjie malt. 

And before the accusations fly, let me say that I'll be a magnanimous King. I will seek alliances with old Royal Houses. It could be fun! Who's with me? Let's get the Bourbons, Hapsburgs, and Romanovs back on the thrown. Let's make Tara Hill & Machynllyth centres of Royal culture and power again. 

Any advice on what my 'Letter to Hollyrood' should consist of I'd be mightily obliged. I want to come across as regal and firm, but not overbearing and haughty. 

I'll also need some help designing my new Royal Crest. I'm thinking the ancient Stuart crest of Scotland with a dragon added, like Margaret Tudor's (see image here) which had the Welsh dragon the Tudor's introduced to the English crown, but a bit more 'blokey' perhaps with a small Bluebird on there. Plus something borrowed from County Cork for my own paternal lineage ("Bene Fide" has a nice ring to it). 

For my retinue when we decamp to our ancient holdings in Scotland I'm going to need some very loyal advisors. Send your CVs into Hurley Towers. We will, of course, like all royal families, keep our holdings outside of our realm, and so the people of Wales won't lose our presence totally once we (the Royal we) ascend the throne atop the Stone of Scone.  

Can I also scotch (!) the rumours of a purge of public figures once the throne is ours. Wee Nicky Sturgeon will be quite safe, for the time being. Oh, and if Fiona Bruce and Ken Bruce want any role in Royal Scottish affairs they will have to forego their BBC stipend. 

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