Saturday, 18 April 2015

An Open Letter to Skechers Shoes

Dear Skechers Shoe People,

I bought these shoes 10 years ago in Boston, in that there America. 

Despite wearing them to the point of destruction, you can imagine my horror when yesterday, after some heavy gardening, the sole began to come away. 

Now I know many items have an inbuilt obsolescence (Mrs H says I've somehow stumbled and mumbled my way past mine) but in this age of countering the throwaway culture I'm distraught that my trusty workingmen's shoes have finally given up the ghost. 

It's in this regard I throw myself on your munificence and ask that you let me trade in my old pair for a new pair. Now I know I no longer have the receipt nor the box but I'm sure as men of this world (if I were wearing high heals I'd address my concerns to a lady, but despite modern fads and fallacies I'm not, so I won't) we can agree to a mutually beneficial outcome in this matter - new shoes for me - and loads of free advertising for you. 

Imagine the scene. Lots of trendy folks are strutting their stuff of a Saturday afternoon and I go by in my spankingly new Skechers shoes. "Oh wow!" they'll exclaim, as I glide by "look at them there shoes. It's like being in downtown LA or sumfink." A few weeks of that will be akin to a paid advert slap bang in the middle of Ant & Dec (no I don't know which is which either). 

It's either that or a tube of super glue or (horror steeped on horror) they'll find their way to a landfill site. And I don't think any of us wish to see that happen. 

So if you'll post a trade-in voucher to me I'll vouch (geddit?) in turn to be the feet of Skechers (I'd say be the face of Skechers like Demi Lovato but let's be realistic, she's not in my league). 

Yours in hope,

Gareth Hurley (aka 'the feet of Skechers'). 

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  1. Nice blog.
    What happened to Welsh "A Reluctant Sinner", and is he likely to return?


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