Thursday, 14 June 2012

Reflections on Birthdays and Death

There's a famous text that goes "in the midst of life we are in death" or somesuch. Well it's certainly true.

This time of year is "birthday season" in our house when the little Hurleys have their special days clustered ('tis a conspiracy to skint me out). There's also a lot of revising and exam-sitting going on.

Mix in birthdays, exams, parties, school etc. and life is at its fullest. To a backdrop of the Jubilee, Euro 2012, Leveson, Olympics -- the whole world seems "busy."

With this in mind I found out an old friend had passed away unexpectedly tonight.

Just today I was rushing about town doing various banking, bill paying, etc. stopped off to get my hair cut and even picked up some supplies for Mrs H from the food emporium.

It's weird because you get so wrapped up in daily life, rushing about to get chores done, then when you hear a friend has passed away it does make you stop in your tracks and remember the fleeting nature of life.

Someone you can be speaking to one day can be dead just a few days later.

Very sad, but c'est la vie, in every sense.

Today I've gone from the excitement, balloons, streamers, cake and candles of a birthday tea to the memento mori of some very sad news.

Life is a roller coaster, I guess that's something Harry Redknapp is reflecting on tonight.

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