Thursday, 3 November 2011

Is Irish Comedian Ed Byrne the Snow Queen?

I got this clipping out of the South Wales Evening Post, one day last week.

I always thought Ed Byrne was a bit "frosty" and his stint as the Snow Queen explains why!

Or are we dealing with identical twins separated at birth here?

The world needs to know! What is the truth? I will tweet Dara O'Briain and demand the truth! Unless he too has a secret double life (widow twanky). I did shout out and ask the comedian Greg Davies (at his show in Swansea) if Dara was the world's worst transvestite, which seemed to make him smile. I think he said that was the sickest thing he'd heard! ;-)

Oh what tangled lives these comedians lead - all to gain more filthy lucre and lord it over us and be able to buy such frivolous items as gold taps, Freshsco's finest gravy granules and two (or even three!) Sunday papers, every week!

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