Sunday, 16 October 2011

Alain Rowland: Should've Gone to Specsavers

"The card is yellow, right?"
Rumour has it that if you bet on the All Blacks to win the Rugby World Cup final next weekend against France you'll get less back then you put down.

I read this morning that Alain Rolland (the "red card ref") sells mortgages in Dublin. Can we blame him for the Credit Crunch? Anyways, it could be worse, he could be an estate agent. He certainly oversold Sam Warburton's 'aggressive' spear tackle.

I don't think he acted in a partisan way, it was clearly just over-implementation of the law, but one has to ask if it was for the rugby authorities to put in a ref in a Wales-France game who is half-French and half-Irish (Wales having just beaten Ireland). It certainly leaves room for those who want to point the finger at the possibility of the ref being the "16th Frenchman on the pitch."

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