Tuesday, 9 November 2010

St Pabo and the Welshmen of Northern "England"

Just a quick post this one (yes, OK, you needn't relish in the fact!).

I found this simply sumptuous post on the blog "Reluctant Sinner" and it ties in well with what I wrote previously about the Kingdom of Strathclyde being Welsh.

It further highlights the Welsh heritage of Cumbria, Lancashire etc. and how the Welsh kept Christianity flourishing after the Romans left in the 5th Century.

It is ironic that as the Pope was sending St Augustine to Kent, so Christianity was in turn taken to Ireland by the Welsh (most significantly St Patrick) and Ireland's Monasticism in turn spread to Scotland, the Picts and the Northern English.

Anyway, enjoy this article, it is sublime. Look out for all the Welsh names connected to St Pabo, both in Wales itself and his own lands in what is now England.

A Reluctant Sinner on St Pabo


  1. Great to find your blog via Reluctant Sinner, I am from a place with a Welsh name near London. Wendover (Wyn Dwr) and on the Icknield way the ancient pre roman road ( Rupert Brooke didn't know what he was talking about!)The Welsh didn't leave England completely,some stayed and assimilated to Saxon ways.

  2. Thanks for popping by. I'm so glad you like the blog. There is so much of interest that takes us back to our Welsh/Briton and Christian/Catholic roots.


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