Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Hurrah for the Pope

I know my thoughts will count for little in this world where the 'great and the good' (and the not so great and the definitely not good) have their opinions put out by the news media etc., but I have to say how pleased I was with the Pope's recent visit to these shores.

As a Catholic (but no Saint) I am more than a little sick and tired of the media onslaught against my Faith, especially when it comes from the organised atheists who amuse me in the way they make tolerance seem the most intolerant of all stances.

The Church is made of Saints and Sinners, we are all human; but we should never forget who founded our Church nor that the Pope is the successor of St Peter.

It has been a pleasure to hear the Pope defend Catholicism, the Christian tradition of Britain and go on the attack against the various lobbies out to make Christianity a "choice" amongst many others, rather than the bedrock of society.

I do not think we should be (nor were we ever) automatons living lives of complete perfection, but given our nature I do believe that if we have a mindset against doing bad things, it helps us live better lives no matter how many times we stumble on the way.

The joy and happiness of the hundreds of thousands who went to see the Pope in those few places he could get to visit in his short trip contrasts well against the bitterness and bile of the organised atheists.

Long may that be the case.

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  1. And he said nice things and Wales; http://ecumenicaldiablog.blogspot.com/2010/10/holy-fathers-only-important-words-on.html


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